About Alternative Concepts

Thank you for your interest in our services.  Alternative Concepts is based upon the idea that all businesses need to have an online presence in this growing market. Here at Alternative Concepts we are dedicated to providing low-cost, yet practical websites for businesses of all types.

Most web design companies will try to impress you with all of the fancy terms that they can come up with and they will try to get over your head with all of the modern tech-lingo.  Here we won't do any of that.  With all of our websites we install an open-source content management system that allows you, the business owner, to manage every aspect of your website.

What does this mean for you?  This means you won't have to pay us to manage your website for you.  Once it is built, it is yours. To edit a part of your website is as easy as editing a document in any normal word processing program. We take this approach because it will save you money and will give you an amazing website that is easy to manage.

Alternative Concepts is named so because we would like to humbly point out that your alternative is to choose another company that will charge you much more to initially build your website, and then try to charge you every time you have a question or need your site updated.


Mr. Austin with Alternative Concepts, Inc. is a pleasure working with. I wanted a web site to publish my art work on the web and did not know the first thing as to how to go about it. I consulted with Mr. Austin as to what I had in mind and he went right to work getting the job done in record time. As the web site came onto the web, I had some small changes to add to the site and Mr. Austin was available on the phone as well as on e-mail to help me with my request. My web Site has already received many positive comments from all over the Country.  I find that Mr. Austin is professional and very knowledgeable in his business. I will not hesitate to give Alternative Concepts, Inc. a great recommendation wherever or whenever possible. Keep up the good work Mr. Austin, I am very impressed with your service.

Charles R Davis
C & G Designs
Designs in Stained Glass

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