Development Process

The most important aspect of the web design process is the process itself.


We strive to complete all of our jobs as quickly and as efficiently as possible in order to save our clients money while at the same time ensuring they have an amazing website.

Our Process:

1) Consultation

In order to provide our clients with all of the information they need and to get all of the information we need we will communicate via email and possibly on the phone to ensure that we are both on the same page and have the same ideas. This part of the process will allow us to communicate to you the different possible solutions for your needs.

2) Planning

After consulting with you we will write out a plan on how the website will be created and the time-frame that you should expect.

3) Design & Construction

Once the plan is laid out we will start designing and building your website.  One crucial part of this phase is communication.  We choose to let our clients know how everything is going with regular updates on the process so they can stay informed.

4) Completion

Once your brand-new website is completed we will give you a tour of it and will teach you how to use the Content Management System that we have installed. After you have been taught how to manage your website we will hand the reigns over to you and you are free to edit it and update it as often as you please.  Of course if you ever want it redesigned or if you need help we are always ready to help.


Alternative Concepts has enabled my business to succeed far beyond its potential.  Alternative Concepts builds your website fast, its easy to use and highlights your business the way a quality website should.

--Wallace Britton
--Wallace Britton's TaeKwonDo Plus

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