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If you want an easy way to communicate with your customers or followers, a blog or forum system is the way to go.  We can fully integrate a forum system with your website or have one run separately from the content management system.  Also, if you want just a blog as your website, we can do that too.


Forums can be made on your website to have public and private categories, so you can have a section for your staff that you don't want the rest of the world seeing, and one for everyone else.


Mr. Austin with Alternative Concepts, Inc. is a pleasure working with. I wanted a web site to publish my art work on the web and did not know the first thing as to how to go about it. I consulted with Mr. Austin as to what I had in mind and he went right to work getting the job done in record time. As the web site came onto the web, I had some small changes to add to the site and Mr. Austin was available on the phone as well as on e-mail to help me with my request. My web Site has already received many positive comments from all over the Country.  I find that Mr. Austin is professional and very knowledgeable in his business. I will not hesitate to give Alternative Concepts, Inc. a great recommendation wherever or whenever possible. Keep up the good work Mr. Austin, I am very impressed with your service.

Charles R Davis
C & G Designs
Designs in Stained Glass

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